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Half Open Door by iwadl Half Open Door by iwadl
Sometimes, when you're exhausted, or when you've just watched a horror movie,
You see things that aren't there, that shouldn't be there, but seem so real.
So real they're scary.

When you're going back to your room to sleep, and you pass by the door of an empty room in the hallway.
A half open door...


Half open doors are scary because you can see what's behind, but not so well, so your imagination starts to run wild...
Anyway, first reflex then, is to stick your back to the wall opposite that door and 'slide' until you reach the light switch.
Then you check that there's nothing weird around, and since sleeping with the light on is bad for the Earth, you 'slide' to the switch closest to your room, turn the light off, and run into your room where you simultaneously turn on the light and stick your back to a wall.
Having your back against a wall is very important because something might come from behind.
Then you check there's nothing under your blankets, go to the switch closest to your bed, wipe off the sweat on your forehead, and jump into your bed and under your blankets.
Quite pathetic, huh...
That's why I never watch horror movie.
I hate them.

Next, I'll try to draw what X 'saw' after reading a psychological manga.

When you go inside your room and find what X 'saw' in the middle of it, then that's pretty much the end of you, hahaha...
But it's so absurd and ridiculously accurate, that it's actually rather funny xD
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March 1, 2013
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